How to successfully self-publish your own book

Self-publishing is a great way to break into the publishing world. Anyone who feels they have a story, or stories, inside them to tell can publish a book. As the name implies, the author is the publisher.

When should you self-publish?

People self-publish because it offers them an unrivaled freedom. They can write about whatever they want – fiction, nonfiction, poetry, whatever! – and print however many copies they need. They can design the cover however they want and sell it however they want. There’s no literary agents to worry about, no publishing house to change bits and pieces of the novel, and no percentage of the profits to be taken away. There’s no contracts, no royalties, and no hassle. 

How much does it cost to self-publish?

The price will vary depending on the quantity of books ordered, the trim size, number of pages, and binding type. The more books ordered, the more the individual price per book goes down. This is because on each order there are set-up costs involved. When more books are printed, these setup costs start to be absorbed into the book printing pricing.

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What is involved in self-publishing?

In order to begin the process, your document will need to be converted to PDF. For a detailed description of how to do this, please visit this recent blog post.

Once your proof is approved, it will be printed, bound, trimmed, packaged and shipped to your doorstep.

Can I sell my book if it is self-published?

Yes, of course! Self-published authors can sell their book however they’d like, even in a bookstore or on Amazon.
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