Binding Services

How Your Project Comes Together

While working on your project it should always be taken into consideration how it will be viewed and how it will feel.

We offer a multitude of ways to change the look and feel of your project whether it be through the text stock or the cover stock, but if you really want to mix things up maybe consider how the project will be bound. 

Perfect Bound

The gold standard when it comes to paperback
 books. Our top of the line equipment makes
 sure that your project is bound neatly and securely.

Plasticoil Bound

The go to for manuals and notebooks. Clean and elegant but offers a different feel and overall aesthetic to your project.


Our printing professionals handle the process
 of getting your product collated and stapled in sequence. Perfect for office handouts or
informational packets.


The tried and true method for brochures and the like. We can machine-fold your documents in a number of formats, including double parallel, trifold and z-folds.